David Thrift

UX/UI Designer

Learn. Empathize. Problem Solve.


I design human-centered, research-based products that bring users joy through effortless interaction. 

A voracious learner with a knack for out of the box problem solving, I have been fortunate to design a diverse array of physical and digital products across many industries, with experience ranging from Industrial Design and Advertising, to Music. Now I am focused on using this experience to create uniquely engaging designs as a UX Designer. I design because it connects my passion for creative problem solving with my love for helping and understanding people.


For all of 2020 I have been fortunate enough to be contracted as the UX/UI Designer for Network Perception, a company that builds Network Compliance Software for Large Electrical Utility companies. You will find that and other work from the last two years below.

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Network Perception

2020 // UX Design

Backend Dashboard Design

The third phase of my work with Network Perception was to develop a backend Dashboard for a different set of users.

Network Perception

2020 // UX Design

Design System Creation

The second phase of my work with Network Perception was to take the research I had compiled and build a Style Guide and Design System to overhaul the application UX/UI

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Netwo​rk Perception

2020 // UX Research

I used UX Research Methodologies to provide a comprehensive Heuristic Analysis of their NP-Live Software.

This gave their Development Team an actionable list of needed changes to design and interaction ranked by type and severity.

PCG Group

2020 // UX Design

As a contractor for the PCG Group, I was tasked with identifying UX issues and proposing solutions for these issues that would make the site launch-able as an MVP.

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Five To Nine

2019 // UX Design

On-boarding and Creating Engagement

I built several new features that drove user engagement as well as designed an all new on-boarding system to emphasize value and function to new users.



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