Our Task

How do we increase engagement with the platform?

Our Goals

Develop a robust understanding of user needs

Create UX strategy tuned to those needs

Use a set of design principles to guide IA/UI design forward

Design Hi-fidelity prototypes that describe the new user experience

Increase user engagement on the platform


We wanted to speak to


Employees and Hr Managers at companies between 300 - 1000 employees.

So we developed a survey to answer questions like


What is workplace company culture?

How do employees interact or engage with one another within the workplace?


Why do the current users subscribe?

What are the opportunities that lay ahead?

We used the results to design interview questions

We spoke to people at all of these great companies


We mapped the results to define Company Culture and how people engage at work

People defined culture as


How you treat people and interact with others
Being driven by the company mission
Good culture allows people to share common wins and losses
Builds trust and empowerment
Outreach is a component of good culture
In good culture participation is its own reward

Market research told us important things like





30% of respondents who reported having a friend at work were 7x more likely to be engaged at their jobs - Gallup

79%  of people who quit their jobs cite ‘lack of appreciation’ as their reason for leaving

- O.C. Tanner

Recognition is the #1 factor employees say inspires them to produce great work. Nothing else comes close— higher pay, promotion, autonomy or training - Forbes

65% of North Americans report that they weren’t recognized even once last year - O.C. Tanner

Our research gave us a strong set of Design Principles to guide our design

Drive participation by empowering any employee to contribute and participate in company culture.

Create intimate and inclusive spaces to build trust no matter how large or small and feel intuitive to  global and remote employees.

Bridge levels of leadership in channels that foster open lines of communication and connection.

Build trust by enhancing transparency with feedback, acknowledgements, and purpose in order to (conceptually and literally).

Drive motivation through rewards and acknowledgements for all levels of employees to holistically create validation and engagement.

Align and energize employees by incorporating mission and value driven qualities throughout. 


Using our Design Principles we began wireframing and sketching in earnest to create features that spoke to our principles

We wanted to refine the onboarding, develop features for user feedback, and create a directory

We then used lofi wireframes to do A/B Testing









Homepage with potential features

We wanted to refine the onboarding, develop features for user feedback, and create a directory

We then used lofi wireframes to do A/B Testing


We went back to our users and conducted several iterations of Usability Testing to prove the efficacy of our features

Below you can click through a walkthrough of the new platform