Company: Five To Nine

  • SaaS Startup in Chicago

  • Provides software that aids in development of company culture

Their Needs

  • Create ways for users to provide feedback

  • Empower employees who want to contribute

  • Create an on-boarding process


The Problem

Five To Nine was not generating meaningful engagement within the workplace, and needed to understand:

  • What was lacking in the original on-boarding process?

  • What builds company culture?

  • Where and how do users desire to leave feedback?

  • Who drives company culture and what tools do they need?

Research Process

Our target user was defined as someone who works at a company of between 300 -1000 employees. In this group I conducted:

  • 20 Interviews

  • a Survey with 40 respondents

  • Competitive Analysis

*Companies whose employees were interviewed


*Affinity Mapping Process

Mapping Research Results to Gain Insights

Research data was collected and mapped. It was determined that new design solutions needed to do the following:

  • Drive participation by empowering any employee

  • Bridge levels of leadership.

  • Enhancing transparency with feedback

  • Drive motivation through rewards

*Mapping User Defintions of Culture

The Original Platform

Studying the existing Five To Nine platform showed where there were opportunities to address the above needs with new features.

The community forum

A user's feed

The original platform was incredibly bare bones and did not meet the needs discovered above in the research. At the start of this project the Five To Nine software was limited to a community forum and a main feed that displayed events. The existing platform did not meet the needs discovered through research in part because:

  • It did not allow all employees to generate content

  • Feedback was limited to comments

  • It was not personal



Prototypes went through several rounds of A/B Testing and user feedback, using our design principles and research as criteria for success.





The new on-boarding tutorial was designed to walk employees step-by-step through the new features added.

It was important for the success of this design to not only highlight the new methods of feedback and interaction but also to tell each employee WHY they would want to use this.


Tool Tip design

Care was taken in the design of the Tool Tips for the on-boarding so that they were short and clear.

Feed Design: Information Cards

Solutions & Features:

Nav Bar

Lastly, we redesigned the nav bar to incorporate our new features and separate feeds to improve interaction and navigation, as well as reinforce the possibilities the platform provides. Additionally a new sitemap was required.


In addition to these features we implemented ideas such as the company newsletter (Culture Corner) and people directory to further allow employees to engage with each other.

The team succeeded in putting forth several new features, conducting research, redesigning the on-boarding, and creating a platform that overall creates deeper engagement in the workplace.