RWC Website Design

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The Client:

PCG Group is a Design and Marketing Agency with a distributed workforce across the US.

The Task:

I was hired to take 2 Illustrator documents and leverage them to create fully implementable UX/UI designs for each part of the site for a wedding events company. 

I was also contracted to create a mobile version.


Adobe XD Files

Design Needs

This client wanted to create a site that was in line with their visual needs that included pages for:





and more

They needed to be simple and utilize the brand language they were comfortable with, in this case dark reds and gradients.

Final Web Designs

The final screens for some of the Desktop site can be viewed in the slider below. 


It was important to define certain user interactions prior to developer implementation. 


The video to the right shows some of the ways users can interact with images in the gallery of previous weddings to share them with friends or family.

Final Mobile Design

The last step of this project was to create a mobile version of the entire site, screens from which you can view in the slider below.

Both the Desktop version and Mobile versions were handed off to developers as Adobe XD files, providing them with all the needed assets as well as blocks of code to implement the designs.

In Conclusion

It was a new experience to create a design where the research and design language was already somewhat defined and dictated.  enjoyed the challenge of taking ownership of the final stages of project.

I also was very grateful to get to do a mobile version of the site. Getting to think about how one design can be applied in to different contexts was intriguing puzzle.