I combine user research and empathic design to understand the psychology of a user. I use this understanding to create intuitive layouts and seamless interactions that communicate effortlessly and increase engagement.




I am always looking to learn and grow as a UX designer on any driven team where my years of experience in a variety of design situations both digital and physical can bring value.

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This redesign was meant to address these core user issues:

  • Switch from a film centric to location centric navigation

  • Decrease # of screens by presenting all films and times together, rather than in parent-child page format

  • Provide easier transaction confirmation



A Bike tracking app for bike sharing to work in concert with a smart lock. From user research I knew the ideal app would attempt to 

  • Provide a safe way to monitor who is unlocking the bike

  • Find bikes when they are needed

  • Call for repairs

  • Link ride-sharing and public transit data to help solve the problem of "the last mile"




Pirate Fly Fishing is a Colorado based fishing startup that hired me to design the layout of their site that functions as their mission statement and storefront.

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PROJECT: elkwalking.com​

Site designed for my band.

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Layout Exercise

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